Characters for Property of Lucian

When writing Property of Lucian, I had two images that came to mind strongly. I knew exactly who I was basing these characters one.

This is Haylee

Prava Dama

Credit picture to pinerest. This Model really inspired the world novel Property of Lucian, and Harley was also inspired by a pinerest picture

However as I got into the story, how I pictured Haylee changed and in the end I pictured her with Red Hair! I know that’s insane, considering I thought she was going to have Black Hair just like the model that inpsired her.

However this is how the cover turned out…

Property of Lucian Cover 1

I honestly have to say out of ALL my covers, and I have eleven published novels, no wait twelve published novels- but the Property of Lucian cover, is hands down my favor!

Want to read Property of Lucian for free?! Link:

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