New Stories- Released

So now that the new year has started so has my project list. I always pick a series that I have been wanting to create out of my visual diary to work on.

This year I picked the series which I nicknamed ‘The Bastards”.

It focuses on three main female leads and how they get involved in the club. Essentially they are all pulled there for different reasons.

It is my goal to write all three books at once, and have them overlap. The stories are stand alones but I’m hoping with enough pull, you will fall in love with each one.

It goes;

Arranged to a Biker

Midnight thoughts

Keep Her Safe.

start from the bottom up
– stories on Wattpad

Each Story is going in a different directions but after my dabble with Property of Lucian with Erotica I can say all three elements will have that spice to it as I continue to write them

Speak of Property of Lucian, did you hear that is up on Wattpad, because it is 🙂

While my goal is to publish it, I always aim to share my work for free- and that is the reason it is back on Wattpad. It gives those who are loyal to me, a chance to purchase the book, that is complete and polished- edited, proof read, formatted- etc.

But as for Self Publishing I will be stepping away from it for a year (at least) so the only place you will find my work is on Wattpad and Inkitt.

The reasons being, that a business I started as a side hustle, has taken off. It teaches how to write and self publish- which I am basing on my experience. This has opened up so many doors of working one on one with writers, and developing their work.

It’s been a pleasure to work with every author I have worked with so far, and I’m hoping that list with grow as this business takes off.

At the moment I’ve been filming a free mini course on how to secure and editor. Because when I started I thought there was one type of editor and that was it #rookie. So I think all acknowledge in this area is GOLD.

Exploring the self publishing world, makes me realise that most indies keep it to the chest and it is my goal to help those who want to publish- publish their work. Because not everyone is as lucky as me and get traditionally published. The fact Inkitt picked me up, is incredible and I am so blessed.

However now my wings are growing and I aim to produce more novels at a speed that will have me publishing a book each month in 2020. (at least that is the goal)

So all stories I work on in 2019 will be aimed to be published in 2020.

The only release for me this year, is Property of Lucian. If you have secured your copy THANK YOU. That keeps me producing work- and doing what I love, which is writing.

Now to do a full loop. If you would like to check out my new work, here is the link to wattpad;

Stay tuned for the release on Inkitt.

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  1. Lina Pacurar says:

    I love your books


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