Property of Lucian HITS 60k Reads!

Property of Lucian has had a massive influx of readers, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should *hint hint*

But the fact it is doing so well, just baffles me.

It is the first story that I combined a MC with a strong erotica storyline. It was really fun to do- but also a serious challenge. I admit I blushed most way through writing some of those scenes. But then I remembered fiction is what fiction is- in other words, just let creativity take hold.

I have always found that writing against what I normally write, challenges me. Can you believe that the first scene I wrote of Reaper’s was out of my comfort zone? Look what that led to!

I am so bless with the opportunities to advance my career in writing through INKITT. Which is why I encourage you, if you are just starting out to think about INKITT as an option to post your work to get feedback on. You never know what doors might open!

I post mine on Wattpad and Inkitt and I enjoy sharing my work for free. Though I am planning on doing read throughs before posting. *SHIVERS* this scares me. I hate rereading my own work. But my readers would enjoy it better if I picked up on those typos.

Anyway if you want to check Property of Lucian out, you are welcome to.

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