TENDER: Sneak Peek


“It’s over.” She locked her eyes with mine. She looked to take a breath as if she had been holding on to it for months if not years. “I would love to say I’m sorry but I’m not.”

I only now see her bags backed to the side. “You’re leaving me?” I said the words slowly, not believing that the woman I had been with since I was sixteen was leaving.  She nodded her head and my hands balled into fists. “And ya telling me now? On the night before our wedding.”

“I can’t do it Jye.” She blew out and then looked semi regretful. “I’ll let everyone know. You can just ride out on that bike, and pretend like you never knew me.”

Was it the club? It had to be the club. “It’s the club isn’t it?”

“You just aren’t my future Jye.” She took a step away from me, after slipping off the engagement ring. “I’m sorry.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just looked at the ring on the table. I glanced up, seeing her picking up her bags, and heading out- nah this wasn’t happening. On the night before out wedding, she was backing out?!

“Ashley!” I yelled after her. “Don’t fucking-”

Then my word dried up as I see who was waiting in the car for her. Her sister. Well I had no chance in hell now. Her sister hated me more then a biker hates a cops. She walked to the car, and I watched as my past, present and future life drove away.

Two Months Later

“Jye, you up for a few?” Butch whacked me on the back, and I nodded my head. Getting stoned and drinking my weight in the clubs liquor was my properties at the moment. I still hadn’t pulled myself together since Ashley left and it had been months.

I turned to the liquor, the drugs, women, anything and everything- just to lose myself and come morning I would be in the same state. Memories of her would flood back. Nine years we had been together. Now she was nothing, gone, and she had a restraining order against me because I kept turning up at her parents house, drunk, wanting her back.

“Fuck.” Butch cursed, and put a hand on my shoulder. “Whatever I say, just go with it.” He muttered, and I nodded my head, thinking he was going to be lying to some chick that he had forgotten to call. Why he was bothering I didn’t know after all we were Hade’s Horsemen- the women should know we didn’t call come morning.

“Chelsea!” Butch grinned broadly and I turned, glancing over my shoulder and then doing a double take.

Chelsea Winterfield. Fuck me. It couldn’t be.

“Butch.” She crossed her arms, prepared for whatever lie he was going to feed her. “Do you really want to get in the way?” The sharpness of her voice was enough to scare any living soul.

“Nah I don’t precious.” His eyes went to me. “But Jye has something to tell ya.” And just like that he threw me under the fucking bus, and ran- legit ran from the scene. I glared at him as he weaved through the club towards the strippers out the back.

“Cee.” I turned back to look at her. God the last time I had seen her she was, fuck she wasn’t even legal! Fourteen maybe? She went to boarding school and got kicked out of one after another, travelled most of the overseas boarding schools, bouncing between them.

I now looked not at a girl. But a woman, and fuck my dick was noticing. Didn’t help she was in the tiniest shortest black dress. Her raven black hair which used to be dead straight was curled, and she was looking at me like I was her prey.

“Jye,” Her lips formed my name perfectly and she leant in closer to me. “What is it you want to tell me?” Her long nails tapped on the bar, as she waited for me.

“Fucked if I know Princess.” I turned back to my beer. “I’m minding my own business.”

She then snatched the beer from me.

“Fuck I was drinking that!”

She opened her mouth and I was sure it was to give me a serve, but then my name being shouted, made us both pause.

I blinked. I fucking blinked again and she didn’t disappear. Ashley was standing there, in club bar. Fuck I hadn’t shaven in six months, I knew how much she liked me cleanly shaven. I fucking had gone over all the things she liked, and right now- I wasn’t in a state to be considered anything she liked.

Cee’s eyes went from me to Ashley. Then her eyes narrowed on Ashley. Which surprised me, the next thing I knew, Cee was at my side, her hand going to my shoulder.

“Ash babe, so good to see you.” Cee smiled, and why the fuck was she being weird? And touching me? Not that I minded but fuck not in front of Ashley!

Ashley’s eyes went from me to Cee. And then back to me.

“I need to talk to Jye.” Ashley spoke, and her voice had me.

I went to get up, and Cee’s nails dug into my shoulder, forcing me back down.

“Whatever you can say, you can say in front of me.” Cee insisted. “Come on Babe, we don’t have any secrets here.” Cee had a smile on her face, but her friendly tone sounded like a bear trap.  Cee frowned. “Jye remember how I was telling you last night I saw Ash, down at the clinic.”

I frowned and looked at Cee, she wanted me to play along. Did I trust her? I just nodded my head, seeing what this was leading too.

“Chelsea, I want to tell him.” Ashely said the words firmly.

“Tell me what?” I injected.

“That Ash Babe, got herself knocked up.” Cee then locked her eyes on Ashley. “And now she thinks she can come here. Not because she loves you but because she knows you are a good guy and will support her as she decides whether she will keep the other mans child.” Cee titled her head. “She also had a plan to make it work didn’t you babe?”

“And who are you to speak for him?” Ash’s words had sharpness to them, as her designer heels tapped in frustration.

“I’m his. I’m the one on the back of his bike. I’m the one he is fucking anyway he wants.” Cee took a step towards Ash. “You are lucky you are mother fucking pregnant otherwise I would give you a beat down for what you did to him. But I’m glad you did.” She grinned. “Because now I have him and I won’t let the likes of you near him.”

“He loves me.”

“Let me just sum this up. You left him, you got pregnant. Then after all that, when your fling isn’t interested or committed to paying for your designer heels you come back to Jye. Well bitch that won’t be happening.”

I didn’t know what to say and then Cee turned locking eyes with me. “I heard her say to Jade, that she was trapping a man in because the father wasn’t interested. So she was going to have a one night stand with you, do the maths Jye. She was setting you up.”

I didn’t know what the fuck to say, but then I looked at Ash, wanting real answers. “You pregnant?” She looked uneasy. “Where you going to lie to me?”

“I need you Jye. I love you.”

And those words were acid to my ears.

“Never lied to you Ash. Not starting now. Leave.” I gestured my head to the door behind her.

I turned back to my stool, and gripped my beer. Hearing her heels walk off moments later.

Then the door slam. The party was still going, everyone was basically out the back at this point.

I close feel Cee was about to leave, and I had to say something. “Think I owe you a drink.” I hadn’t spoken to a woman since what happened with Ash and asking Cee if she wanted a drink was a big deal. So my heart was pulsating nervous through my system.

Then I felt her move closer to me, till she pulled up a stool next to me.

“Sorry Jye. I didn’t mean to just take over like that.” Cee looked at me, speaking in her normal friendly tone but hesitation was clear in her voice. “Are you okay?”

I looked from the beer glass to her. “Yeah one day princess I will be, come on don’t make me drink by myself.” I gestured for the prospect to get the spirits down.


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