UPDATE: What I am working on- and new and old releases

What am I working on?

If you know me at all you would know I can’t work on just one project. I have multiple on the go at one time. However this is my current list that I am working my way through;

Brad and Hannah’s Story: Forbidden book 2


Reaper and Abby

Tattooed Love Series

What will be your next release?

At this stage, there is no upcoming releases to read my latest work you can go on Wattpad or Inkitt. I am updating those stories I am working on. So you can read it hot of the press 🙂

I am not withholding work from you, I am sharing what I am writing.

When will Brad and Hannah’s story be released?

As I mentioned earlier, I have no upcoming releases. No dates and no time schedule. Right now I am focusing on finishing the manuscripts and sharing them as I write them, yes you get to read them as I write. But because I don’t want to waste anyones time- I will only release chapters I know won’t be changing from the published version.

Where can I read your work?

You can read my work on Inkitt:

You can read my work on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Explode

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