So I have a little bit of news. I actually have started a new book! WAIT A SEC don’t run away! I’m working really hard on this one, and I’m planning on finishing it.

It is currently exclusive to Wattpad.

It’s called Duivel! Fun Fact. It is Dutch for Devil šŸ˜‰

Here is the blurb:


Named by his parents Duivel, which is Dutch for Devil. Not many would understand that this baby boy would be responsible for a legacy which outlived seven generations of his blood. All given strong names, that would help them carry the respect they must earn.

Each ruled differently. Each had strengths and weakness. However Duivel was different from his grand fathers. He didnā€™t fight the grooming that he was put through as a child, all in order so when he was of age he could step up into his fatherā€™s role. He adapted to the beatings, to the punishing exercises, to the whipping.

Duivel became known as the executioner when he merely fourteen. Because his father wanted to break him. So he forced him to execute his own grandfather- who was suffering from cancer, but Duivel didnā€™t know that when he pulled the trigger.

Once Duivelā€™s father broke him, he was as cold as ice- and his temper was always smouldering just underneath. However he always thought everything through- he never acted on his temper. He was controlled. Disciplined. He was everything his father wanted and needed him to be, to rule the underworld.

Because bikers, were one thing. Gangsters were another. But they all answered to one source. They didnā€™t have a last name. They were only known by the patches on their vest, that was what separated the royalty of the Bikerā€™s apart from another biker.

Duivel didnā€™t wear a rocker of what chapter he belonged to. Because he controlled all the chapters. He simply had the club name, The Valorous on the back of his vest .

Not many knew but the Valorous started when Duivelā€™s great great great grand father formed the club after coming back from war. Valorous meant to show great courage in the face of danger.

Anyone that wore the Valorous emblem or belonged to the club, was meant to show the meaning of the club they rode for. Along the lines, the Valorous riders, got nicknamed Vultures. And all those Vultures answered to the Devil of the MC. And it just so happened that Duivel. It was just ironic that his name meant devil.

No one could change the man he was, as it was engrained in him. He didnā€™t put on a front, he was who he was.

His men feared him.

His family, even his father- didnā€™t realise they had created a ice hearted monster. Though that was what they wanted, but to the degree that Duivel was- that they werenā€™t expecting. Because was it really possible for a human to feel nothing?

His mother didnā€™t think it was possible.

His father was speechless that he had succeed in his mission to groom his son to a colder level then himself. Because even Dutch, Duivelā€™s father, made a mistake- he fell in love with Duivelā€™s mother. Creating a weakness. But Duivel, was too cold for a woman to love. Dutch knew that.

So the years went on, and Duivel remained the executioner, living up to his birth name of Devil. Dutch got more excited that his son didnā€™t fall for any womanā€™s charm as the years proceed. Duivel was mid thirties, passed the age when Dutch met his wife. He thought Duivel was safe from having a woman as a weakness.

He was wrong the only reason Duivel hadnā€™t met her yet, was because she was in prison.

Duivel is as twisted as he is cold, never under estimate just how unpredictable he is. Are you ready to meet the Devil himself?



The Executioner

>>>To continue reading CLICK HERE

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