Exclusive to INKITT

Are you ready to fall back in love with stories you may have read years ago? Titles such as Sweet as Venom, Raven’s Charm (now a Raven’s Proposal), Royal Blood and so many more?

I’m happy to say that ALL these titles are back on INKITT. And I don’t see myself posting them on Wattpad any time soon- as I lose so many followers every time I flash update. So I feel it best, to keep on Inkitt.

Not just that but I like how Inkitt doesn’t have Advertisements.

So the titles that I have posted on Inkitt are;

Royal Blood

Royal Lies

A Raven’s Proposal

Sweet as Venom


Dancing on a Bikers Heart


Dax’s Legacy



Bitterly Yours

His Chambers

Mr and Mrs Sullivan

Forbidden Romance: Book 5 in the Reaper Series

Posion Ivy

Timeless Tattoos: Book 3 in the Tattooed Love series.

I have a few more coming! Which will also be exclusive to Inkitt 😉

If you are ready to read them, you can follow this link: https://inkitt.app.link/ra_simone

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