Lust (new book)

Looking for a new read? One that isn’t all Motorcycle focused but is still Motorcycle? Well do I have something new for you! It’s MC with a TWIST…. it has all the adrenaline of a romance read. And the twist you asked? It is NASCAR. Yep. That’s right, NASCAR.

How can the two be mixed? Well you need to read LUST!

Some fun fact about the story is;

  • It opens up in Gabe’s point of view, but it isn’t his story.

This is a romance story between Ivory and Kace and in order to understand their romance, you need to read it from the start.

Now you might be ready for me to drop Amazon links… but that won’t be happening… instead you can read it for FREE.

You can read on either platform your choice which one to read it on! We are 20 Chapters deep into LUST.

Also a commonly asked question I am getting is, how long will it be online for. I can tell you it will be up for the rest of the year, as I write it. And perhaps next year I will publish it. Until then you are welcome to read it as I write it.

Can’t wait for you to start!

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