I had never felt more uncomfortable writing a book. I am the first to admit this was the first book I pushed the boundaries on my idea of MC.

Simone Elise

When starting Property of Lucian, I intended it to be just a exercise to work on sex scenes. I never intended it to turn into an actual novel. I actually wrote a scene in it called ‘The Black Wedding’ BEFORE I wrote the beginning. I had a rough idea of how I wanted the exercise to go.

I wanted to test my ability to write dark forbidden sex scenes, with detail. At the beginning I never imagined it to turn into an ACTUAL book. I just planned on it being a writing exercise.

CONFUSION TIME I always feel uncomfortable writing sex scenes. I shy away from them, and even in Reaper’s Claim, Tattooed Love and Timeless (three of my first novels) I would fade to black. It was in 2018 that I decided I DIDN’T want to do that anymore. So I wrote a book called COLT. Now if you don’t know the details about COLT I suggest you read my other blog post for details on it. Because I’m not going into detail on that novel or what happened to it, in this blog post.

Regardless even in COLT I wasn’t nailing the sex scenes. But it was a STEP in the right direction. Now you might wonder, why am I focused on improving my ability to write sex scenes and my honest answer is, I wanted to nail the tense between the characters and the emotion bond that forms when you write these scenes.

So I started the exercise that turned into the novel Property of Lucian. At the time I just wanted to work on forbidden and detail. I never imagined posting it on Wattpad. But I did, only after I established the first four chapters. I wanted to see the interaction rate that my readers had for more of a dark smut romance.

The results surprised me the next morning! Within a couple of days the story was ranking and I knew this exercise had turned into a novel.

So I did a character bible and found two pictures that were perfect for Harley and Haylee James. Their bond as brother and sister was the beginning of the story. Now if you haven’t read the story I will sum it up quickly. Harley James is indebted to a Motorcycle Club and his sister Haylee, trades herself to settle the debt.

Imagines that inspired Harley and Haylee

Lucian Hunt, the main male led then claims her as his property. (hints the title). The more I worked on the story, the more I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I actually was planning on taking it a bit darker, there is a certain scene which I first wrote called the Black Wedding scene. The first scene I wrote in the exercise. HOWEVER, I ended up going back and tweaking it, making it less dark. The reason being, that comments were flowing in as I posted the first half and I had a feeling my readers weren’t ready for that level. It was sort of me going from Light to Jet Black in my writing too quickly.

Random fact, I actually intended Haylee to have black hair in the novel, but then again, wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone. I changed it to bright red. The only reason being because I had NEVER had a character with red hair. I always go blonde or raven black. ALWAYS.

Lucian Hunt I did not have a imagine that inspired him. I like to give some detail on my male leads but I rarely paint a clear imagine. I like my readers being able to craft their own imagine of the male lead.

As this exercise went on, I kept pushing myself to add more ‘smut’ detail. The story slowly went off. Generating a good fan base and I then went on to self publish it in early 2019. I finishing Loving Lucian, the sequel in 2019 as well. HOWEVER I only hit publish on it last weekend and it is still currently pending on Amazon.

If you want to read more about why it took me so long to publish Loving Lucian. I suggest you read my blog post in Simone Elise’s Journey called I’m Addicted to Perfection .

This writing exercise which turned into a FULL novel, now made a path for me to push myself further in other books. The one book I can say that it influenced is THEIR LIGHT. Which is due to release next month. Their Light is my first mfm romance and I will not lie, if it wasn’t for Property of Lucian, I would not have been able to write HALF the scenes in THEIR LIGHT.

If you haven’t read Property of Lucian, it is on Amazon and under Kindle Unlimited!

Loving Lucian the sequel and the book that ends Haylee and Lucian’s love story should be live by the end of the week! When it has cleared, I will update this page with a link to it.

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