Frequently Asked Questions

Simone Elise’s Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the next Reaper Series book being published? 

At this stage we are waiting on dates from my publisher. The Reaper Series is on pause, until I get dates 🙂 

2. When will the next Forbidden book come out, I can’t stand the cliffhanger and need to read the next book! 

The Reaper Series including Forbidden is on pause, until I get dates from my publisher. However to get you off the cliffhanger I have released a quarter of the book on Inkitt. You can read it here: It is called Forbidden Romance. 

3.When will the next Amber and Jax book come out? 

At this stage this the series is on pause. Yes they will get a Happy Ever After, however, it is on pause until I get publishing dates from my publisher. In the meantime you can read Timeless Tattoos, I have put a small amount of the book on Inkitt. You can access it here and it is called Timeless Tattoos. 

4. Are you still releasing on Wattpad and Inkitt? 

Yes I have a new series online called Lust, Envy, Pride– it is a biker romance and you are welcome to read it on Inkitt or WP. 

5. Why can’t you self publish the rest of the Reaper Series I need the next book! 

I do not own the rights to these novels. I can not publish them myself, and they are under a publisher and will hopefully be published in time. 

6. When will Colt be released as a book, I can’t stand waiting every day for an episode. 

I do not own the rights to Colt. They are under a publisher, there are plans for it to be a book, however there are no dates on when it would be published 🙂 

7. Can I read your version of Colt before Galatea? 

No. It is exclusive to Galatea. 

8. Why is Galatea’s Reaper different from the books? 

I like to think of Galatea’s adaption as an alternative version. The story has been rewritten for the app NOT BY ME…. so yes the story is different and there are differences from the books to the app. 

9. When will the next season of Colt be released? 

At this stage there are no dates, that I’m aware of. 

10. Is Royal Blood on Galatea getting a full season? 

At this stage no. But you can read the books on Inkitt 🙂 Links below. 

11. Is there a reading list?

I have a few series and a few standalones, here is a list—

The Reaper Series is on Amazon it goes;

Reaper’s Claim

Reaper’s Rival

Reaper’s Redemption

Kade (only online on Inkitt not on Amazon)


Forbidden Romance (only online on Inkitt not on Amazon)

Tattooed Love Series *crosses over with Reaper Series*

Tattooed Love


Timeless Tattoos (only online on Inkitt not on Amazon)


Tainted Romance

Twisting You (sequel Bitterly Yours has not released)

Chase and Chloe

Satan Son

Tangled (sequel Him and I releasing later this year)


Cage’s Fall

Cage’s Downfall

Cage’s Ruin

Cage’s Fight (releasing later this year)

12. Stories online

Mr and Mrs Sullivan 

His Chambers 


Sweet as Venom 

Royal Blood 

Royal Lies 

Bitterly Yours

As well as others… 

You can read these stories by following this link 

If you still have questions after reading this, please feel free to contact me,

In my VIP facebook Group

On my Inkitt Wall 

On my Wattpad Wall 

PM my Page 

Or directly message me on FB. (I’m not hard to find, after all you found this!) 

Hopefully that answers your question! 

Simone Elise.